bewustwording Choicez Life between lives Referenties Regressie Spirituele ontwikkeling zielsregressie

Everything comes to us at just the right moment


In a moment of transition in my life, I was referred to Chantal to do LBL and sent her an email to set an appointment. For some reason, my email did not get to her immediately. A couple of months later, while I was driving home from work in a still confused state I asked the universe to give me a sign and 2 minutes later, Chantal called me saying she was sorry for the delay in getting back to me, that she had just gotten my email.

Everything comes to us at just the right moment, and Chantal entered into my life just then. My journey with her has been enlightening and liberating. After a few regression therapies we did the LBL in which I still walk around, after a few weeks of the therapy, bathed in a sense of peace and getting continuous messages that just make everything in my life so clear.

Thank you Chantal for guiding me through these changes and deep understandings of my life… and for being the one, who made me truly see my soul… I am forever grateful.



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