A soul’s journey also called “Life Between Lives (LBL) is a wonderful way to learn about yourself in your totality. For you to experience your essence and realizing at every level that you are connected with everything. All is one. 

LBL answers questions about meaning of life and offers insight into the big WHY. LBL session focuses on “there” where you are if you don’t have a body. You experience your home, your life there.  You meet your soul group. You learn about your soul essence, your talents, develop points, you contracts with other souls, about your qualities, your Guide, other lives and so much more.

You learn how to strengthen cooperation between your soul and your personality.

After an LBL session you  have deep insight into the collaboration between the soul and the personality. It is a session that often leaves a deep impression and contiunes to have effect. For example; It’s not uncommon to experience certain situations in your life from a different perspective.  LBL also contributes to your intuitive development.

If you never have experienced a previous life, then I suggest you first experience it. 
To experience a LBL you need to be able to work with a past life and reach a certain dept in trance.  

A Soul journey  is not therapeutically as reincarnation therapy is, it is focused on understanding and personal and spiritual development and not primarily on trauma and eliminating blockages. They do transform and heal.  It’s a nice side effect.

Life Between Lives methodology

The methodology comes from America. The founder Dr. Michael Newton has done research for more than 30 years among more than 7,000 clients about their experiences in life between lives.
He described his findings in Journey of Souls. Case Studies of Life Between Lives and Destiny of Souls. New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Llewellyn, St. Paul, 1994 and 2000 respectively.
In September 2004, Dr. Newton founded Society for Spiritual Regression given the first European training, held in the Netherlands. This society has recently changed its name and is now called: The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. More information (in English) can be found here: Newton Institute

An experience.
“After reading the book of Newton, I wanted to do a Life Between Lives (LBL) session. Through the internet, I went looking for therapists and Chantal’s website really appealed to me.
An introduction appointment I could make quick and I felt immediately at ease with her. Something which is very important, especially in a reincarnation therapist because you sometimes feel very vulnerable. After all, you take a look into your soul and let her watch with you!

The first reincarnation session was exciting because I had never done this before. And getting into trance, how do you do that? Chantal escorted me there very well and could well level with me. This resulted in a nice first session.

On the advice Chantal, by a number of things that came to light during the first session, I have done an extra inner child session. Trance this time was easy and it was very special to experience that you can remember so many things during the trance, without you knowing that you possess that knowledge. And all those feelings that you experience while your body is completely relaxed. Very strange. The beauty of the Inner child session is that you experience a lot of emotions during the session, which can be quite intense, but you feel through the pain and embrace youself, that  softens.

There is a lot of pain, grief and resentment removed. Wonderfully liberating!

Then it was time for the LBL. Beforehand I had put a number of questions on paper and during our preliminary interview Chantal made sure she had my questions clear and helped me to deppen them. The session lasted a total of 3 hours, but flew so to.

It was a fantastic journey. All the answers I wanted to get, I have had. I know now that I’m on the right path and have even gotten a glimpse into the future. I also know how I can keep in touch with my guide and how to find the answers to many questions in myself.

My sessions with Chantal were all very special. I’m very glad I followed my gut feeling and I ended up with her. I could really not have wished a better therapist. Chantal, thank you very much for your fine accompaniment to all sessions! “D.

Costs & Time

LBL session lasts about two and a half to five hours and must be booked two weeks in advance. The investment amounts to 265 euros incl. VAT regardless of the duration of the session.
For more information or to make an appointment please use the contact form.