Lately you’ve noticed that you’re curious about the true origine of yourself.  You ask yourself ‘big questions’ about your existence and purpose in life.  You wonder whether working with soul could be something for you.

You are aware of certain patterns in your life and you wonder what the deeper meaning is and how you can transform that what blocks you. You are open to explore your inner world, but you don’t know if this methode is what you seek and feel comfortable with.

Would you like to have more insight into your talents and strengthen them. Do you seek more depth, more self-knowledge and self-direction. Do you want to experience working with the soul?

Introduction session

We hold a short interview (up to 20 min) and go straight to work. So can you experience if working with trance and soul is for you. Many roads lead to your answers.

The introductory session goes for inner child work, regression / Past Life and in preparation for a Life Between Lives (LBL) and takes about one and a half to two hours.

If you have any questions or if you want more information and/ or want to make an appointment, please fill in the contact form