The individual masterclass. Meet the teacher in yourself. You are so many experiences, stories and talents rich. Are you open to meet your true teacher, your soul? Are you willing to look in your own mirrors and take responsibility for the lives of your selfs. Do you want to change your perspective and learn not to be drawn into the game of life, but how to direct it?

The relationship between personality and soul, is an important relationship. When cooperation is optimal, it’s shown in all relations in your life. When there are links broken, the soul will want to heal this by the personality of this now. She creates stories onto your stage of life and repetition of themes with the same core.
During soul work, we want to know the ins and outs. Normally, you come to me with a problem, and as soon as that is resolveer you leave. That may already be in two sessions. Because the work is so profound, it is also very effective.

But during soul work we want an even deeper understanding and that which has manifested itself on your stage thoroughly.

  • When did, which lives are bound to this theme?
  • What was your first incarnation? Where the separation start?
  • What about the interpenetration of what is learned as wel as perpetrator and as victim?
  • What talents can you get in now?
  • What do you do when you have no body? How do you grow in consciousness?
  • Do you receive teachings while being without a body?
  • What planets have you been?
  • Etc.

Why do this?

You het to know yourself on a deep level, wounds heal, it frees your strengths and you learn to travel within yourself. You will learn to make use of the ecliptica consciousness, that os activated by trance, in your daily life. Which means that you know where you are and what you do while you are concentrating on something else. That helps you switch your point of reference in your daily life between your personalia and your soul. This will give you more insight and allows you to make more couscous choices.

The relationship between the soul and the personality is reinforced and that shows in all relationships, including your relationship with matter.

A beautiful and profound process. Everything is covered. Energy work, inner child work, past life work. We conclude the process with a soul’s journey, Life between Lives (LBL)

Soul Work is really for people who are curious about who they are in essence and want to meet their own teacher in themselves. Inquire about the possibilities.