OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReincarnation therapy believes in addition to experiences in this current life, the soul also contains experiences before this life. Within the reincarnation therapy we work in different areas of experience: the current life,  (inner child) child parts, birth, prenatal, conception, between lives and previous / other lives.

Within these different areas we focus on restoring your natural life force, so that experiencing the connection with yourself and the world around you can form the basis from which you live.

What is reincarnation therapy?

Reincarnation therapy assumes that man has a soul This soul contains experiences from different lives. Because some experiences have remained unprocessed and / or misunderstood, the soul always stimulates re-stimulation. She wants to finish what is not finished. Heal what still hurts. This ensures that a particular problem, as long as it is not resolved, integrated and understood, continues to present itself in your life. Every time with a different face. But if you look at it better, you see that the problem has the same core. The same theme.


This theme will continue to present itself until you pay attention to it, solve it and understand it. Not only the problem and how you can deal with it. But also how it came about. What convictions are based on it and how you unconsciously maintain the problem.


Purpose of the therapy

The purpose of these sessions is to relive and to still process unprocessed experiences so far, so that the associated problems in the present disappear, and the experience of a happy and meaningful life becomes possible again. This is done in 4 ways:

1. The detection and processing of unprocessed experiences caused by trauma and shock in the areas mentioned before.

2. Detecting and neutralizing chains of traumas, through different lives. These chains are called themes. The neutralization of the chain of trauma and lives within specific theme (s) ensures that you are no longer connected to the theme in a polar way, but that it is in balance. Blocked energy is set free.

3. Restoring internal and external connections , such as with one’s own intellect, emotions, body and spirituality, but also other people, nature, matter, culture and society.

4. Experiencing a complete connection with yourself and neutralizing the poles strengthens your natural life force. This forms the basis for a happy and meaningful life.


How does the therapy work?

During these sessions we mainly work with trance: a natural state of consciousness that we reinforce during a session in order to allow experiences from the (sub) consciousness to (re) re- emerge. Strengthening the trance is through language, emotions, thoughts and body feeling.

In trance we work with the elliptical consciousness, which means that you can concentrate on two points at the same time. On the one hand you know where you are and what your goal is. On the other hand, you focus on the experience from your (sub) conscious. This has the advantage that you can focus on experiencing and at the same time feel and know that the control lies with you. This ensures a safe feeling, you can get up and leave whenever you want and it also gives many insights. Since you are experienceing and watching at the same time. You then understand how the problem came about, what conclusions you have attached to it in the past that hinder your now and you will see how they still affect your life.


Reincarnation therapy is ‘just’ a therapy that has proven to be very effective.


You often see what is wrong and what you could do about it. You do not lack self-knowledge. Yet it is difficult to break through certain patterns. For many people, talking about your problem alone is not enough. It is about experiencing, the insight combined with the gut feeling. To really understand, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically. From establishing your problem to maintaining it. If you understand that from your superficial surface to your deepest depth, you also understand that you do not have to, You have a choice.

We focus on freeing the natural life energy and talents. Strengthen that which is already there. Your soul contains a sea of ​​experience that you can integrate into your personality when you get to know yourself. You are energy, your personality lives in you.

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