A clients review. Past life regression.

11169154_1004741079558051_5512310594878089429_nI ended up at Chantal because I noticed that I still had patterns that stopped me in daily life. I did not dare to do things, always fell for the wrong men, did not dare to be myself with my parents because I was afraid they would not accept me, I could not say what was going on and I could not argue and stand up for myself.

I’ve already had regular care (psychologist during burn-out and EMDR) and that really helped me a lot but not enough. At least not for me. So I noticed that there was still a lot of things underneath and I wanted to do something with that.  I started with a separate appointment at Chantal. In the end it was so effective that I have dealt with a number of other aspects. And with success! I notice that in your subconscious mind you look at things that have no judgment and ‘stories’ on them. So you look at what happens and you can see the charges, judgments and what you have planned at that moment. And since you have no judgment, you get insight. You can at that moment remove the ‘angel’ so that it will not be triggered in the future. And I noticed that.

I have more room in my head and most importantly; I do not react so strongly to things that I used to do; like comments from parents / not being able to be myself / not feeling ‘good enough’ and things like that. I am  myself! And I am less often triggered because I have lifted the blockades and because of that I have much more rest in my life.

Past life regression can be tough but I don’t think it’s ‘scary’. If you go to moments in your current life or a previous life you experience everything again (not always fun) but you realize that you are now on the sofa at Chantal’s pratice so that makes it so much less scary!

I think this kind therapy goes so much further and deeper than any other regular therapy. It has given me so much more. I recommend it!

Love, R.


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