13450934_1203465416352282_1864277581652728482_nHow are you? How was your summer? I’m doing well. I have had a wonderful summer and went away for a week to visit a friend abroad. I also had lazy days at the water and fine nights with the stars, music and dreams.

Of course, also during summer work continues. With great pleasure I have guided sessions throughout the summer and helped people with healing through working with the soul. I was privelidged to watch it on a deep level, I witnessed great transformations and the beautiful awakening of self-love.

The energy that then fills the room cannot be described by words. Working with the soul continues to amaze me and gives me great satisfaction.

Besides my practice I’m busy with a lot of nice things for 2017. I am developing an online program, an e-book and beautiful reflection/ guiding/ oracle cards & workbook,  that help to deepen the relationship with Self and teaches you how to create. And there’s more … .but I’ll tell about that another time.

Newsletter & Blogs
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I also will be blogging more regular again. Do you have a topic you would like to read more about in relation to the soul, past lives, healing and energy? Please let me know. Maybe I’ll devote a blog to it.

I receive many requests for Skype sessions, I will start with them in  2017. Email me if you want more information.

Life Between Lives
Do you want to experience a life between lives journey before the end of this year? I only have room for three more LBL sessions in 2016.  So if you think ‘I want to experience one in December and I will book then’, don’t wait too long. My agenda is running full fast.

I hope all goes well with you and that you make choices that speak of love for you. I wish you a magical autumn. I wish you abundance.

Beautiful autumn! Be kind to yourself!
Chantal Cindy

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