Michael Newton

images-6Last week I read the news, in a Facebook group for Life Between Lives (LBL), that Michael Newton, the founder of LBL is deceased. It hit me. Even though I have never personally met this inspiring man, his legacy has inspired me greatly (and it still does). Life between Lives has had a significant and positive impact on my life and I thank him for it.

Dr. Newton has done so much good work and inspired many people. I’ve also done his training with pleasure and waited very long and impatiently to participate. After I had my diploma for regression / reincarnation therapist I wanted to immediately start with LBL. That was not allowed. There was five years of practical experience required. When the trainers from the Newton Institute came back to the Netherlands in 2009 I had more than enough experience to join an I signed up for the training, which lasted a week.

I am to this day happy and grateful that I’ve done the training and that LBL came into my life. The books had images-8already inspired me enormously but to work with it  and experience it for yourself does give a deeper dimension.

From deep within my heart and soul I thank Michael Newton for his important and inspirational work and Many people have already received insights and healing themselves, through a life between lives journey.
Dr. Newton has investigated thousands of cases and very nicely mapped out a piece of patchwork. It has given us insight in the soul world.  May we all  discover many pieces!

Thank you. I’m sure your soul group you received jubilant!

Chantal Cindy

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