Soul retrieval; Why do parts of the soul stay behind?

Just like with a flight, the landing and departure are the most exciting. This also goes for the soul. Good dying is important. When the personality dies in acceptance of life and death, the soul easily integrates the gained experience into the whole.

But if the personality dies with resistance and not in full acceptance of the guided life and death, often more time is needed for the soul to integrate her experiences. Some convictions continue to exist because of the lack of acceptance and these are latent in the ‘next’ personality. These lives’ awaken; when the ‘new’ personality is triggered, which usually happens because the soul chooses a situation, place in which she can finish what is unfinished.

If the personality does not realize that (s)he died or if the resistance to death is so great, or if the fear  is too strong, the part of the soul that is connected to the experience / personality can be ‘fixed’ ad stay in the experience.

Soul retrieval means the retrieval of lost or stuck parts of the soul.
During incarnation the soul does not connect all its energy with the body. A large part of the energy remains ‘at home’ and focuses on other matters. Previous lives is actually a wrong term. Time exists only for the human experience. Other lives of the soul would be a better term.

Paulo Coelho gives a nice metaphor in his book Aleph; He states that the soul is the driver of a train and that in every car of the train a story of your soul plays, you can walk through all those stories and see how they are intertwined when you take the perspective of the driver. This makes it possible for you to enter one of these wagons in regression and pick up a part of the soul and help it get stuck or not realize it is dead.

Not realising you are death.

It happens quite often that the personality does not realize that (s)he is dead. A huge blind spot, so to say. For example, because someone dies in a delirium but it is also possible that someone is on the run, runs very fast, gets shot in his back, does not notice this because of the adrenaline and continues running to find a place to hide, finds it and stars there.  The experience of time does not exist. So it does not feel like that for centuries. When this part becomes aware that he is dead, the transition, after some work, is often quite smooth. Or when somone dies indring trauma and was all ready almost fully dissociated before the body died.

It is different if one deliberately decides not to go.

This often happens when self-condemnation is put upon self just after death or during dying. You see this often in schaduw lives. The soul has tried many roles and lives. She examines the polarity. In this way, apart from being a victim, she has also been a perpetrator and those actions often weigh heavily on the heart. When the personality fully realizes what he has done, it may be that he does not dare to go on and hang on as a kind of (unconscious) self-punishment. The soul creates its own reality and can condemn itself to its own hell. Not the totality of the soul, but the part that is still connected to the personality, does so unconsciously. Usually these souls are conscious of having no body anymore. Although they often do not know that the self-condemnation is their prison. Most think it is their punishment. Others do not dare to go home, they feel unworthy. Confusion, shame and fear predominate.

The self-condemnation does not HAVE to be connected with a shadow life;

There was a Shaman. A seer like they had not known in times. He led the tribe to food, warned of danger and robbery. He was never wrong. And then that day came. That day he had not seen coming. That day when his entire tribe was murdered. After the death, the Shaman did not go over. He should have seen it. He judged hard about himself. And stayed stuck in it.

When we come out of a life, it is as if we are taking off clothes later by layer. The futher we travel from this realm the more we take off, until we are fully in soulsenergy again. We become increasingly detached from the personality and the life that we lived and integrate the experiences into the total of who we are. The personality-bound part that creates his personal hell is still under the coats and is not or only partially aware of his creative power. These souls often are aware of not having a body anymore but choose to stay. For souls who are stuck in self-condemnation, more persuasion is often required. The guilt and shame is a bitter pill. (In the film ‘what dreams may come’ such a self-created hell is nicely displayed).


10401421_872790562753104_8964499025222290957_nAcceptance of death.

When the personality has died and the experiences have been integrated, it is also clear how everything fits and what the dance is in which the soul is learning. When the personality does not die well, these insights are not available. This hampers the part to continue.

Not in acceptance

“What a waste of a good body, it was still so young and strong”
“i want revanche!”
“I am not done yet!”
“I still wanted to do so much with this body it was so much fun!”


Some souls are angry when they are released from the body. They feel that they are not yet ready, that it is unfair and a waste. It came too soon. These souls sometimes want to linger. They will also easily continue. But they are not at peace  with their dying, and the limiting convictions that they carry along remain active because there is no complete acceptance of life and death.


10377443_815548575143970_6336695791265278241_nHow does one retrieve these soul parts?

There are different ways, regression is just one of them. Choose the path that suits you. In regression you often have to deal with unconscious and unacceptable dying because those are the lives that are still active in our system. The soul wants to finish what is unfinished. This is done by strengthening trance, a natural state of consciousness, that allows you to focus on an experience in yourself and to heal it.

To heal what is unhealed. To forgive. To come to peace with it. Will set the part free so it can be integrated and life energy can flow through you again.

Soul retrieval is thus the retrieval of lost or stuck parts of the soul. These parts have often died unconsciously, or are not at peace with their death and are stuck in the self-condemnation.

This is something different than a soul that needs some time after death to let go of earthly existence. That is what most souls do. Pass by loved ones some try to comforts, say goodbye to the body. This is then accompanied by respect, compassion and a kind of farewell to life and the people in it. Some ago straight home once they are out.

Remaining parts are never left alone. There are always helpers and guides in the area. Waiting patiently until the part is ready to go.

Soul retrieval heals a lot in you now and releases blocked life energy. For regression and reincarnation therapists, soul retrieval is an important part of the work. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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